Friends of Richsquare

Friends of Richsquare, Inc. was established in 2002. Its officers have gladly undertaken the preservation of this cherished meetinghouse. Some even attended as children.

Corporate Officers

Cathy McConnell, President & Board Member
Bruce Graver, Vice-President & Board Member
Paul White, Treasurer & Board Member
Marjorie Johnstone, Secretary & Board Member
Lois Jordan, Historian & Board Member
Beth Brunett, Webmaster & Board Member

Martha Webb, Caretaker & Board Member 

Donald L. White, Board Member
Richard Graver, Board Member 
Doris Graver, Board Member 
Jay Graver, Board Member
Donald J. White, Board Member
Jo White, Board Member
Marilyn Assiff, Board Member
Janet Roberts, Board Member
Marianne Hughes, Board Member

All donations can be sent to:
Friends of Richsquare, Inc.
c/o Paul White
P.O. Box 671
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

Corporate Address 
Friends of Richsquare, Inc.
1117 Abington Pike
Richmond, IN 47374