Lana Ammerman McCord's Memories of Richsquare

Walking down the long and winding road all surrounded by trees brings back the memories of my childhood. As I walk along I can see my Pa-Pa working in the shed and hear my Ma-Ma calling to us kids to come in and wash our face and hands 'cause dinner is ready.

I come to the Jordan's house and I see the cats int he yard and all of us kids hard at play. The spot where we built the tee-pee is still fresh in my mind. On the other side of the road I can remember going back to the Gaddis's to work on our tennis game. I stop for a moment and look towards the little pond. It was so much fun to get bundled up and go ice-skating there on a cold winter's day.

I walk on and come to the Meeting House where I go in to rest. As I close my eyes I can hear the welcome being given and picture everyone in their seats. The piano begins to play and everyone stands to sing "Church in the Wildwood." Then the little bell rings and we're off to the back room for our Sunday School classes. The little chairs are still there that we sat in. The fireplace will always remind me of the Christmas programs we gave with our stockings hung, the Christmas tree glistening and that all-exciting visit from Santa. 

I walk outside and relax on the front step. As I look towards the clearing past the walnut trees, I can remember that beautiful, sunny, October day I was married there. How everyone was so helpful in planning and helping to make my dad so perfect.

The roar of the traffic on the interstate awakens me and my thoughts return to the present. I know that Richsquare will always be like a second home to me. It's beautiful people and memories stay fresh in my mind and will always be dear to my heart.

Lana McCord
Daughter of Ron and Laura Ammerman
Grand-daughter of Don and Ruth Hagerman
Sister of Jay and Rob
Wife of Kirk McCord