Mildred Gaddis' Memories of Richsquare

Richsquare Memories

As a very young child, I do not seem to have any specific memories of Richsquare. I do remember some of the students from Earlham who served as ministers for us such as Everett Davis, Leslie Shaefer, and Neal Newlin. Leslie gave a humorous reading which I remember about a fly.

When I was a young girl we always had a Children's Day program in June which took a lot of practice and planning. Our pink cabbage roses were always used in the decorations.

In my very early teen years I was the only one of that age, so I was the teacher for some of the younger ones. When teaching the younger boys, Wilfred White, Ray Johnson, Sidney White's boys, Bob, Keith, Byron and Don, I doubt that I knew much to teach them but we did have fun with an occasional party or weiner roast.

It was always an interesting and exciting time very much looked forward to when Mildred White would return home from Palestine and tell of her experiences. 

Richsquare has always been there for me and I hope it always will be. 
Mildred Gaddis
Daughter of Arthur & Mable Johnson, Sister of Marjorie