Three Memorable Events

A book such as this cannot include "everything." That would take volumes! Hopefully, the reader of these pages will find his own memories stirred and he can recall his own favorite stories. There are three more events that I would like to record here, however.

In 1956 we tore down the old wooden structure on the back of the building to make room for a major addition, which we call the Fellowship Room. Mr. Miller of Straughn was hired to lay blocks and build a fireplace, but several members helped to complete the building. This useful room has been the setting for Sunday School classes, parties, programs, family nights, showers, and other occasions. 

The following near tragedy is written in the minutes of 1979.

August 1979 - On July 15, 1979, at around 2:00 A.M., the cupola of the church was struck by lightning and burned, setting on fire the entire vestibule. The Lewisville Department and other nearby fire departments answered the fire call. The main part of the church was damaged very little except by water and smoke. The clerks of Monthly Meeting were instructed to send a letter of thanks to the Lewisville Community Press to all the departments who answered the call. 

In the days following the fire, Boyd Watt, contractor, is rapidly repairing the damage. Church and Sunday School have been held in the Fellowship Room for three Sundays, but will be in the worship room, August 12th. Many friends and neighbors have been involved and concerned in helping with cleaning up. Monetary gifts were received from friends and notes of appreciation sent. 

October 1979 - Church restoration is complete. It looks beautiful! We had about 70 people for Homecoming. Mildred E. White was the speaker. Kevin Niles and Martha Webb sang solos for worship service. Dinner at noon. "Friendly Persuasion" gave a concert of sacred music at 1:30. It was a good day. 
Carl Jordan, Clerk
Francis Harned, Rec. Clerk